The Columbares Association is a non-profit, state-wide, non-denominational, intercultural, politically independent and committed to the environment and society. Its mission is to help especially groups in situations of social, economic and cultural inequality, to promote social inclusion, greater equality and solidarity in our society and environmental conservation.

To achieve this, it develops educational, social and environmental projects. The mission of Columbares is to help people, especially those in a situation of social, economic, educational or cultural need. to achieve their full inclusion and to achieve a more just, supportive and environmentally friendly life. Its values are: Commitment, solidarity, tolerance, equality, interculturality, sustainability, and social transformation. And its aims are to promote, support and develop projects of an educational, cultural, welfare and socio-labour nature for the benefit of children, young people, women, immigrants, the elderly, families, ethnic groups and, in general, all those groups in a situation or at risk of social exclusion, and the general public, favouring interculturality at all times. The Association is currently made up of 149 workers and around 67 volunteers.