It is widely known in the development of the youngest categories of football players, from the earliest age (pre-school age of children) up to secondary school age. FK Nacional has a total of seven categories of players of different ages. Currently, FK Nacional has about 200 football players registered in competitive teams.

The aim of the National Football Club and its coaches is not to achieve results, titles and medals, but the development of sporting, football and social skills of children and developing sportsmen and sportswomen. The organisation’s activities and expertise in the areas relevant to this application are:

  • The regular activities of the National Football Club are based on 3-4 training sessions per week, in each of the age categories, regardless of the season, school obligations or annual holidays of the professional staff.
  • On weekends, the National Football Club plays competitive matches in official competitions or tournaments.
  • Extraordinary tournaments and competitions at national or international level are played at different time intervals, depending on the date, organisation and location.
  • The National Football Club strives to continuously educate its staff, members of the playing team, parents and fans through field work, but also theoretically, as well as through participation in humanitarian actions.

Much of NATIONAL CLUB FOOTBALL’s work is done through Youth Capacity Building and the organisation is very successful in this field.