The Football Federation of the Region of Murcia, founded in 1924, is a private association, under public law, affiliated to the Royal Spanish Football Federation. It organises or supervises the official football, futsal and beach football competitions in the Region of Murcia. During the 2020-2021 season, the federation had 350 federated clubs and 2,200 teams, exceeding the number of children and young people playing federated football by 55,000. The Federation has a Training Centre, created in 1946, which has trained more than 1,000 coaches and referees, always including in its curricular project the training in personal and social values, such as respect, cooperation, discipline, etc.; values that are later transferred to its students. These values form the basis of its Corporate Social Responsibility Department, through which the Federation is actively and voluntarily committed to developing actions to benefit the most disadvantaged sectors of society. These actions are based on various lines of work including equality, integrity and inclusion.